Living the healthy life

Being healthy is every woman’s right. Unfortunately it is a right, most compromised by us. Jam packed schedules leave most of us picking up the first thing available easily and effortlessly. We know if it is coming out of a cardboard box, the nutrition value is equivalent to the cardboard container holding the food, yet we do just that. Open the packet, pour the contents and tell ourselves we had something of substance.

Healthy food is prepared fresh. The keyword here is “fresh” not something that was lying in the shelf for months. No it is not that difficult and does not require any pre-planning to get nutritious and healthy food in every meal. Fill your body with goodness from one of the hundreds of cafes, restaurants, juicers, and more in Perth. Looking for a dedicated vegan pizzeria, Paleo pub, organic grocer or cold-pressed juicer? You’ll find them at Green Goodness Co Juices,  ready to nourish your body.

A great way to add a little bit of nutrition to everyday living is to opt for a cold pressed glass of juice. Instead of ordering dinner just put your feet up and order a freshly pressed glass of juice. If you have some stamina then just take out a glass of juice yourself.

The juice gives you the required nutrients for the day and it shoots right into the bloodstream giving you a much needed energy boost and leaves you refreshed. Trust me, this mid afternoon or evening snack will leave you charged to actually whip up a nutritious meal for the evening. Make sure you add a leafy green to the everyday glass so that the daily needs are met.

Secondly throw those cereals that come out of a box. Leave them aside so you are not tempted to pick up one. Load the refrigerator with tons of fresh organic fruit. Make sure bananas are in the list. The humble banana is loaded with goodness. Kickstart the day with the banana. No preparation required, just reach out and take a few delicious bites. Try not to combine fruits. The banana keeps you going for a good hour or so before you have something “substantial”. Bananas are extremely healthy and delicious.They contain several essential nutrients, and have benefits for digestion, heart health and weight loss.